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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding inspiration....start with pictures!

As I write this, I am working on some design layouts for a client who has an entirely blank canvas living/dining room area with which to work. The walls are painted a neutral beige and she has yet to pick out any furniture, though she likes the Z Gallerie-type choices. Since it is the first room thing you see in her home when you walk in, we want to achieve a huge "wow" factor, when you walk through the door.

The rest of her house is decorated with lots of black accents and bold pops of color, in a very contemporary, yet comfortable, minimalist style. Though I won't reveal the complete design plan yet, I'll attach a few photos to give you hints of where we are headed. This is how I always start my designs. Gather pictures you like and find a jumping off point from there. See what we've found for this design below:

Stay tuned for more!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Is Your Holiday Design Style?

What is your design style? Contemporary, classic, or casual? This holiday season, let your personal style shine through in your décor. Get inspired by taking our Cozy Chic Design Quiz. Happy Holidays!

What’s your Holiday Style?
Find out with this Cozy Chic Design Quiz

1. I enjoy a gathering of holiday friends:A. Sipping cider around the fireplace
B. Dinner served at the Dining Room Table
C. A buffet of treats on the island in my kitchen

2. My favorite decorating theme would be:
A. Whimsical Collections– Snowmen or Santas
B. Inspirational Items
C. Using accessories that match the color theme of the room

3. Items that could make a statement in my home are my:
A. Handmade treasures from Christmas Past
B. A gorgeous Nativity Set and Manger
C. A Collection of shiny glass orbs of various sizes in a glass container

4. When it comes to candles, I prefer them:

A. Red and Green displayed around the room
B. On candlesticks
C. Silver and White on a mirrored tray

5. When I decorate I prefer:
A. Every nook and cranny filled with personal treasures
B. An item in the middle with matching items on either side
C. Very few pieces, but items that make a statement

6. To decorate the staircase, I like to use:
A. Garland laced with candy canes
B. Fresh cut pine tied with ribbons to the posts
C. A potted poinsettia placed on every third step

7. I would love filling:
A. A Basket with Pinecones
B. A Decorative Bowl with Pomegranates and cranberries
C. A clear container filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments

8. To make the atmosphere “scent-sational” I would:
A. Add aroma with flavored candles with scents of pumpkin, cinnamon or gingerbread
B. Tie some sleigh bells to a Christmas wreath and listen for their welcoming jingle
C. Have a background of non-vocal Christmas music

Total A = _______ Total B = ________ Total C =_______

Cozy Chic Design Style Quiz
Where did you score highest?

A = Casual Style
A Casual decorating style is a harmonious mix of furniture, fixtures, colors, textures and treasured accessories that appeal to you.

B = Traditional / Classic Style
A Classic Style is generally formal, sophisticated and timeless. The emphasis is on style and traditional refined elegance

C = Contemporary Style
A contemporary decorating style treats interior spaces almost as three dimensional art, balancing form, shape and texture, while banishing clutter and fussiness.

Combination (Eclectic)
Your decorating style might not fall into one particular area and is a mix of styles. You are one-of-a-kind and so is your decorating style

Need help finding and expressing your style in your home?
Designers Janet Davison and Jen Griswold with Cozy Chic Design can help!
707-447-0977 or 707-455-8265

Moving In, Moving Out....by Janet Davison--Solano County Home Staging and Interior Design

At 5:30 this morning, I was headed out the door to go to the gym when I had to go back into the house and leave my gym bag behind. I had forgotten – Jen and I “de-staged” a property last night and my car was still loaded to the gills with bedding, trays, plants, towels, accessories -- all the tools of our trade.

The best part of "undoing" a home we have staged is seeing the "SOLD" sign! At Cozy Chic, we take pride in knowing we have been instrumental in helping lots of folks realize their goals -- the buyers, the sellers and realtors, to name a few.

Often, the first time we see a home that is placed on the market, the family is just moving out. Sometimes it’s vacant or partially furnished and most of the family’s personal possessions have been packed away.

An empty house is bare and uninviting. Lacking warmth and character, it often seems cold. It becomes a “property”-- a “listing”-- rather than a “home”. Statistics tell us that, without help, only 10% of the population can visualize the potential of a home. Our goal in staging is to help people picture not only living in the home, but also owning it.

When Cozy Chic Design is called in -- we add color, plants, life, furniture, wall art and beauty.
We position the furniture, arrange the accessories and hang the art. These artful touches
help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying living in the home.

“De-staging” –bringing back the empty look -- would be disconcerting except that we know that there will be a family moving in soon. As they bring in their belongings, the house should take on the character and the personality of the new family.

We can help there too! Many people don’t realize that Cozy Chic offers “Move-in Decorating Services”. All the new owners do is unpack! We can position their furniture and find perfect placement for their art and accessories. We can add plants, trees, etc. as needed – and even offer a shopping service for the finishing touches.

What a fun, easy way to turn a new house – into a home.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What to Get for Someone Who Has everything?

Have you ever needed to touch up paint in your home and were not sure which color you used?

Have you needed some house facts - like square footage or year built - and had to guess?

Wouldn't it be nice to have, in one handy spot, a list of all the home improvements made throughout the years - warranties all in one place - samples of paint chips and fabrics - photos of each room.

That is the purpose of the "Homeowner's History Book" designed and created by Cozy Chic Design. The brainchild of Jen Griswold, the "Homeowner's History Book" in an expandable binder that holds house facts, information, records, photos and receipts. A handy place to document everything - from service providers to neighborhood facts -- and keep it all in one place.

At an "opening special " of just $15, the "Homeowner's History Book" makes a wonderful gift. This book placed on the counter of a home that is on the market, shows that the property has been well cared for.

Order yours today! Plenty of time for Christmas delivery!
707-447-0977 or 707-455-8265

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cheap and Easy DIY Chalkboard Labels

Ok, we've all seen many a cute idea in the Pottery Barn magazine. The following project is exactly that but you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price!

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Head to your nearest craft store to stock up on $1 unfinished picture frames (if you have their 40% off coupon this craft gets even cheaper). For my project I needed 8 frames and one can of chalkboard spray paint (around $4 with coupon). You'll also need chalk for writing.

Step 2: Paint the frame.

You can paint the frame with acrylic paint (I used some I had in the cupboard) to match your decor and paint the cardboard backing with the chalkboard spray paint. Wait to dry, reassemble the frame, and voile! You have the cutest and CHEAPEST little chalkboard label for your fridge, to label baskets, toy boxes, etc.

Step 3: Dress up the frame.

You can tie it onto a basket with raffia, ribbon, or twine. Or put an adhesive magnet on the back and display your latest goodies on the fridge. Enjoy the versatility of this project.....the possibilities are endless....all for only $1.00!!

Seasons of Life...What Season Are YOU In?

Seasons of Life
By: Rachel Krugh--Family-focused freelance writer from Puyallup, WA

With Halloween behind us, now is the perfect chance to take time to catch your breath before the busyness of the rest of the holiday season is upon us. Pack up all the witches and goblins, skeletons and pumpkins, and before you bring out the boxes of Christmas/Hanukah decorations, take some time to live with the empty spaces in their place. Take a good look around your home to see if the furniture in your home fits your needs, if the spaces and traffic patterns function well for the way you use your home, and if the things you have in your home speak to your heart and nourish your soul.

A wise man once said that you can chronicle the seasons of life by watching the furniture in the family room change. A young, newly married couple, with lots of love but little money, starts with a love seat. They make a little more money and want their home to reflect their sense of style, so they buy an expensive sofa and tchotchkes. They start a family and add a rocking chair – and soon after add a slip cover for the sofa and box up the tchotchkes. As the family grows, the trendy sofa, which wasn’t really comfortable anyways, is replaced by the sectional sofa. As the nest empties, they end up with “his” and “hers” recliners, which, of course, can be moved when they fold out the new sleeper sofa for the visiting grandchildren, who think the tchotchkes make great toys.

What “season of life” are you in? Does your furniture work to support you in the many roles you play to keep the household running? Do the pieces of art on your wall bring you joy, or remind you that you need to dust more often? Are you able to enjoy your most cherished treasures, or are they buried under piles of bills and clutter or stored in the back of a cabinet somewhere? Would a room function better if some of the furniture was removed? Do you have a comfortable space for celebrating holiday traditions with family and friends? Sometimes our lives and our living spaces can be too full – even if they are full of “good things.”
Now is a perfect time to try this experiment and see what happens: take everything off of the walls and horizontal surfaces in a room and box them up. Live with the space this way for at least a week. After the first week, start putting back your most cherished items, one at a time. You might find that you are content to leave half of the things in the box. If so, pass them on or donate them. You will be ready to start the rush of the holiday season with a clean slate. And maybe Santa will bring you some new tchotchkes!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Quick Sale

If you have ever wondered whether home staging is a worthwhile investment, here is another good example to prove that it certainly does--this home was under contract within the first 2 weeks! See the difference for yourself in these befores and afters:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color Your World

The least expensive, most effective decorating tool is COLOR!
Nothing has a greater color impact than a fresh coat of paint! Paint colors can be used to carry a "decorative flow" throughout the home, to play up the architectural features of a room or to camouflage its defects. Color can make a small room seem larger, a dark area lighter, or a dull place bright. Depending on the function of the room, and the goal of the homeowner, color can add warmth and coziness, crisp clarity or to make a bold statement of excitement.

When selecting colors, there are many things to consider.

* Which walls to paint?
* How many colors to use?
* Where to put the accent colors?
* Which hue? Intensity? Value? Finish?

With so many choices, color selection can be a perplexing decision. At Cozy Chic Design, we use our knowledge of color and a box of over sized paint samples to guide you through the maze of questions. While the price for the Color Consultation ranges from $50 for one room, to $250 for the whole house, considerable discounts are given when the Color Consultation is purchased in conjunction with a Redesign or another Cozy Chic Decorating Service. The Color Consultation normally "pays for itself" as, included in the Consultation, are free estimates from a professional painter, and a 30% saving on Kelly Moore Paint.

As the season changes, the chill is in the air, and it gets darker and less colorful outside. What a perfect time to add some brightness and color indoors. A fresh coat of paint is great way to "Color Your World."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Why is Decorating so Important? By Janet Davison

“Why is Decorating so Important?”

“Because it is so much fun!!”
(Maybe that’s why I stage homes and decorate for a living!)

It is true, that when selling a home, staging adds to the appeal in a way that can translate into a quick sale for top dollar. (See the article in this newsletter where one of our staged home sold on the first day!) What most people do not realize, is that staging is the exact opposite of decorating.
¨ Staging de-personalizes the home -- making it possible for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home.
¨ Decorating, on the other hand, is a celebration of you -- the people who live in your home.
We often ask the question, “Does your home speak well of you?”
The decorating in your home should be a reflection of your personality– an extension of who you are. The “reasons” for decorating become more emotional than practical. Your home is the comfort zone for present moment living, but it also holds your family’s memories and aspirations. A recent article from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine stated, “When our home is in order, we feel good about ourselves and our place in the world.” When you better your home, you better your life. Every little improvement counts.
OK, decorating is important. What prevents people from realizing their decorating dreams? Usually three things come into play
*Know how
*Getting started

Cozy Chic Design is here to help you on all 3 counts!
We specialize in Redesign, which is the art of moving and rearranging the furniture and accessories that you already own. While we sometimes add plants and a few accessories, most of what we use is yours already. This gives your home a beautiful look at a conservative price.

Know How – Most people know what they like, they just don’t know how to create the look. That’s OK – we do!

Getting Started – that’s simple. The answer is NOW!
In the fall months, when it starts getting colder outside and darker earlier, friends and family tend to spend more time indoors. Now is a great time to add color to your home in order to make up for the lack of color that is a part of winter.

“Does your home speak well of you?”
If your home is not saying what you want it to… We Can Help!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Art of Stripping by Micaela R. Brancato

My introduction to stripping (furniture) began with the purchase of our dream home; the ideal country location, requiring multiple do-it-yourself projects. Although my husband did not seem as thrilled about my desire to try something new, he finally realized it was the best decision. After all, it was the only major project standing in the way of enjoying our summer. I wish I could report my first experience went smooth. Instead, I’m excited to share my lessons learned for when you get the stripping bug!

1) Be prepared for this project to take some time. Depending on item being stripped, there are several steps that may need repeating.

2) Prepping is very important. Do it right the first time, because you don’t want to stop midway to re-cover your flooring or wall paint. Supplies you will need: Stripping agent (gel or liquid), paint brushes, plastic putty knives, sandpaper, wood cleaner, painter’s tape, floor cover, new stain/paint.

3) When the directions say, ‘use a generous amount’ they are not joking. Don’t be afraid to goop it on. The thicker it is, the easier it is to remove. Otherwise, you might dislocate your wrist trying to chip it off.

4) Make sure your new stain/paint is the right color. After all that hard work, the last thing you want is to strip again. Test in an inconspicuous area or on a sheet of paper.

You might be thinking (as I was many times throughout this project), why didn’t I just hire this out or paint over the darn thing. I’m excited to report it turned out better than expected. After a little profanity and tears, I ended up feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and learned a lot. My goal was not to scare you off. In fact, the sooner you start stripping, the longer you’ll get to enjoy that item. In the end, a little muscle and hard work will add a new look, save you money, or extend the life of a sentimental item. Good luck and don’t be afraid to start stripping!

Home Organization Binder by Cozy Chic Design

For anyone who needs a little help keeping their home affairs organized, this is your lucky day! In this cute and stylish little binder, you'll find an easy to use organization process that takes you room by room and provides places to keep your home improvement receipts, paint chips, fabric swatches, flooring information, warantee information, and much much more. Whether you are preparing to sell your home, moving, or just want a little help keeping your home organized, this is a great idea for you! Call us to order 707-447-0977 or 707-455-8265 for only $15!!

Home Staging Success: Sold in One Day!

Check out the befores and afters of this cute little 3 bedroom home. The savvy home sellers called us to "lightly" stage (no major furniture pieces) before they listed on the MLS. After listing with our beautiful pictures of their staged home, the home owners held an Open House and received the offer they were looking for on the FIRST DAY! We couldn't be happier for them!

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Living Room Before (homeowner's couch)

Living Room After

Office Before

Office After

Guest Bedroom Before

Guest Bedroom After

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Staging Quiz

Do you know what it takes to sell your home?

1. There are 5 days until your Open House. Your living room is filled to the brim with clutter that you don't want to throw away. What is your best option?
a) Plan a garage sale
b) Moving everything into the garage
c) Pack the clutter in boxes and store off site
d) Put things into the closet so they are not visible

2. When should a home seller begin packing for a move?
a) Before they list the home for sale
b) As soon as they list the home for sale
c) After they receive a viable offer
d) After the closing

3. When staging a room, you should:
a) Create a focal point that's related to how the buyer will use it
b) Remove furniture from each room, to make it look larger
c) Make sure lighting fixtures are clean and working
d) All of the above

4. In staging, the "Rule of Odds" states that:
a) For every 3 prospective buyers, at least one will like it
b) When accessorizing, use odd numbers of items
c) No more than 3 colors should be used in a room
d) Each room should have enough seating for 3 people

5. Affordable items that can be used for staging include:
a) Old shampoo bottles and washcloths for a "lived in" look
b) Baskets, which control clutter and add a decorative touch
c) Shoes--placed near entryways and stacked in empty closets
d) Brooms and mops, which can emphasize cleanliness

6. To make a child's room look most appealing to buyers:
a) Decorate the room with growth charts and art projects
b) De-clutter shelves and closets
c) Paint walls a bright color such as purple, green or bright red
d) All of the above

7. Which of the following factors plays a role in staging a home:
a) The smell of a home
b) The layout of furniture
c) The backyard landscaping
d) All of the above

8. The best colors for walls in a staged home are:
a) A hue that matches the dominate furniture in each room
b) Dark hues in baths/basements; light in living/bedrooms
c) Neutral colors, such as taupe and warm off-whites
d) Colors that show off your personality

9. If carpet in the hom is worn or stained, what should you do?
a) Take an allowance off the home price
b) Ask prospective buyers to imagine the potential change
c) Cover most of the floor with furniture so it is less noticeable
d) Replace the worn carpet with a neutral color

10. To make a laundry room look its best:
a) Keep counters and sinks empty and clean
b) Hang clothes to dry and open washer to show "function"
c) Keep door closed; it's not an area that you should show off
d) All of the above

Answers: 1)c 2)a 3)d 4)b 5)b 6)b 7)d 8)c 9)d 10)a

Cozy Chic "Momtrepreneur"

As a military spouse, finding a job you love can be challenging and sometimes a fruitless process, even for those with experience and education. As a former military officer, and now a mother of two, nobody knows this better than momtrepreneur, Jen Griswold. “I chose to get out of the military in order to stay at home with my children. However, after leaving the workforce, I have always had the urge to start a little something of my own,” says Griswold.

After relocating her household 6 times in the last 8 years, Griswold acquired a love and talent for decorating. Each time, she created beautiful spaces utilizing furnishings her family already owned, whether they were ideally suited for each home or not. After 5 moves, she decided to combine her experience in relocating, her love of interior design, and her Master’s degree in Education to start a business specializing in home staging, interior redesign, home décor and redesign education courses.
Though the seeds of the business idea were planted years ago, Griswold did not officially “take the plunge” until she and her husband received orders to Travis AFB. While looking for houses in foreclosure-laden Solano County in June of 2007, the couple was flabbergasted at the condition of houses they encountered. “We kept thinking, all it would take is a little staging and these homes would be so much more appealing,“ stated Griswold. Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging was born January of 2008 and has grown steadily ever since.
Between caring for two kids under the age of 3 and running a business, Griswold has her work cut out for her. Yet, she would not have it any other way. “I work two days a week for five hours a day in client’s homes and the rest of the week I spend with my kids.” Phone calls, emails, orders and other office work are slipped in during naptimes, preschool, and mostly after the kids go to bed. Additionally, shortly after starting up, Griswold partnered with longtime decorator and Vacaville resident, Janet Davison. They share the workload which allows for a larger quantity of clientele. Davison also has experience as a military spouse and shares Griswold’s love for decorating and hard work. For the pair, partnering together made the office work much more manageable, decorating a lot more fun, and allowed family to remain a top priority. Griswold hopes her kids will learn by watching her entrepreneurial pursuits. “I think it is important for my kids to see that their mom has a creative outlet in which she has goals and works hard to achieve them. It is a wonderful lesson in both dedication and what it takes to achieve personal fulfillment.”
Though Cozy Chic Design now serves a wide variety of homes and businesses in Yolo and Solano Counties, the owners are still working towards a vision that would also focus on military families and spouses. Griswold and Davison’s long term goal for the company is to franchise into smaller units at military locations around the country in order to provide decorating services to military families and to provide career opportunities to the many talented and educated military spouses who would like part-time employment. They will begin testing the idea when Griswold moves on to their next Air Force base in a few years.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vacaville Supports Vacaville Campaign


Back in the days when the Vacaville Reporter was only delivered on Thursdays, and Mr. Wykoff delivered milk, and occasionally fresh-picked blackberries, directly to your door Marylou and Jack Amphlett moved to town.

It was 1958. All the phone numbers in town started with “HICKORY 8” and many of the downtown streets still had their namesake families living on them. Everybody knew everybody.

Neighbors helped neighbors. And “downtown” was like an extended family where merchants and shoppers supported one another.

In the light of the current economic times, it is time to get back to that “old town friendliness” in order to keep Vacaville’s merchants alive and well.

Cozy Chic Designers, Janet Davison and Jen Griswold, are always looking for creative ways to combine their passion for interior design with helping the community. This summer, they have partnered with Amphlett’s Decorating to kickoff a “Vacaville Supports Vacaville” campaign by incorporating local vendors’ wares and goods in Amphlett’s storefront on the corner of Main St. and Dobbins.

Owner, Stephen Amphlett, is excited to be able to use his store’s prime location to help boost the downtown economy. He reminisces about when his parents, Jack and Mary Lou Amphlett, moved to Vacaville in 1958 and opened the flooring and window covering business at its current location. Amphlett says “Vacaville was the kind of place where ‘community spirit’ thrived. The streets were safe to ride bikes on, and kids stayed outside all day. Nobody caused much trouble because someone would always keep an eye on you.” Amplett is excited to take part in a revitalization of the “old ways!”

To kick off the first display in Amplett’s window, Cozy Chic Design called upon several of their regular vendors to participate in the “Vacaville Supports Vacaville” campaign. The first step involved rebuilding Amplett’s storefront wall. Cozy Chic called upon Vacville general contractor and custom home builder, Dan Rehm, of Rehm & Co. Rehm didn’t hesitate to volunteer labor and materials to construct a brand new wall for the design backdrop. Dan has a reputation as someone who makes himself personally available to give free estimates in a timely fashion. He does absolutely beautiful work and is hands down one of Cozy Chic’s “choice vendors!” Dan has donated his skilled labor to other community service projects led by Cozy Chic Design and did not hesitate to help out again!

Pier One Imports is also a fervent supporter of the Vacaville area. Store manager, Tracy Snow, says she is “excited about keeping Vacaville shoppers in Vacaville.” Although her store, which is located in Vacaville Commons next to Safeway and Target, may not physically exist in downtown Vacaville, when you walk through the doors of Pier One you are immediately greeted with a distinct feeling of “downtown friendliness.” Pier One was generous enough to contribute all artwork, foliage, furniture and accessory décor to the current Amphlett’s display. Cozy Chic thanks Tracy and her team for their support on this and past collaborative projects—we are grateful for the example you are to the community!

Everyone knows that a “fireplace is the heart of the home.” Such is the tagline for the Gallery of Fireplaces, Vacaville’s downtown showroom for a variety of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, mantels, and coordinating accessories. Owner, Dennis Gregerson, was more than happy to let Cozy Chic have a pick of their outdoor fireplaces to use in the storefront. And if anyone’s shop exudes “downtown friendliness” it is Gregerson’s. Between the “home-on-the-corner” location, glowing fireplaces, friendly staff and permanent model, 3-yr-old husky, Sadie, the ambiance can hardly be beat! Anyone who has not stopped in should make it a point to come by to drink in the atmosphere.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention Wendy Z Photography for donating her time and efforts to take beautiful photographs of this project in motion. Wendy Zippwald, owner and photographer extraordinaire, has helped Cozy Chic document milestones on numerous occasions and did a wonderful job again this time! Wendy Z. Photography can meet any of your photography needs. Wendy strives to bring clients high-quality images in a casual and affordable way. She does Family, Newborn, Senior Portrait, Preschool and Wedding Sessions. She puts motherly love into each photograph and has a beautiful eye for those special moments!

Thank you to all the participants for a wonderful kickoff to our high hopes for a revitalized “hometown” feel for downtown Vacaville where everyone helps support one another. At Cozy Chic Design, Jen and Janet believe in the idea that business owners should, “love your job so much that you’d do it for free, and do it so well that you get paid for it.” We hope that you will remember those words and join us in participating to help “Vacaville Support Vacaville!”

**Stay tuned next week for the "After" pictures!
Cozy Chic Design is owned and operated by Jen Griswold and Janet Davison. Their company specializes in interior redesign and home staging in Solano and Yolo Counties. Amphlett’s and Cozy Chic Design will completely change the window design on a quarterly basis to create a different look for each of the seasons. Anyone interested in participating in the project should contact Cozy Chic Design at either 707-455-8265 or 707-447-0977.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Military Mommy MakeOver

Wow, what a great day we had on Tuesday! It goes down in history as one of the best "pay it forward" days I think I've ever had.

We had given away a "Live Room MakeOver" to the wife of a deployed Airmen on Valentine's Day of this year. And on Tuesday, we finally got to reveal the results to the deserving recipient!

Danielle is a young wife and stay-at-home mom on Travis AFB. When we originally met her our plan was to "redesign" her house and donate our services for however long the project took. However, upon our initial consultation, we realized that the family room was only sparsely furnished with a couch and TV.

So we decided to take on a new course. We soliticed for vendors to donate to our cause and were able to provide her with complete furnishings and paint for a beautiful family room with the help of Balfour Beatty Communities (base housing company), and Pier 1 Imports. We also received volunteer help from Airmen in the 15 AMMOS.

Overall, it was a great experience, and we are excited to do it again next year!