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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Color Your World

The least expensive, most effective decorating tool is COLOR!
Nothing has a greater color impact than a fresh coat of paint! Paint colors can be used to carry a "decorative flow" throughout the home, to play up the architectural features of a room or to camouflage its defects. Color can make a small room seem larger, a dark area lighter, or a dull place bright. Depending on the function of the room, and the goal of the homeowner, color can add warmth and coziness, crisp clarity or to make a bold statement of excitement.

When selecting colors, there are many things to consider.

* Which walls to paint?
* How many colors to use?
* Where to put the accent colors?
* Which hue? Intensity? Value? Finish?

With so many choices, color selection can be a perplexing decision. At Cozy Chic Design, we use our knowledge of color and a box of over sized paint samples to guide you through the maze of questions. While the price for the Color Consultation ranges from $50 for one room, to $250 for the whole house, considerable discounts are given when the Color Consultation is purchased in conjunction with a Redesign or another Cozy Chic Decorating Service. The Color Consultation normally "pays for itself" as, included in the Consultation, are free estimates from a professional painter, and a 30% saving on Kelly Moore Paint.

As the season changes, the chill is in the air, and it gets darker and less colorful outside. What a perfect time to add some brightness and color indoors. A fresh coat of paint is great way to "Color Your World."

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