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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding inspiration....start with pictures!

As I write this, I am working on some design layouts for a client who has an entirely blank canvas living/dining room area with which to work. The walls are painted a neutral beige and she has yet to pick out any furniture, though she likes the Z Gallerie-type choices. Since it is the first room thing you see in her home when you walk in, we want to achieve a huge "wow" factor, when you walk through the door.

The rest of her house is decorated with lots of black accents and bold pops of color, in a very contemporary, yet comfortable, minimalist style. Though I won't reveal the complete design plan yet, I'll attach a few photos to give you hints of where we are headed. This is how I always start my designs. Gather pictures you like and find a jumping off point from there. See what we've found for this design below:

Stay tuned for more!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Is Your Holiday Design Style?

What is your design style? Contemporary, classic, or casual? This holiday season, let your personal style shine through in your d├ęcor. Get inspired by taking our Cozy Chic Design Quiz. Happy Holidays!

What’s your Holiday Style?
Find out with this Cozy Chic Design Quiz

1. I enjoy a gathering of holiday friends:A. Sipping cider around the fireplace
B. Dinner served at the Dining Room Table
C. A buffet of treats on the island in my kitchen

2. My favorite decorating theme would be:
A. Whimsical Collections– Snowmen or Santas
B. Inspirational Items
C. Using accessories that match the color theme of the room

3. Items that could make a statement in my home are my:
A. Handmade treasures from Christmas Past
B. A gorgeous Nativity Set and Manger
C. A Collection of shiny glass orbs of various sizes in a glass container

4. When it comes to candles, I prefer them:

A. Red and Green displayed around the room
B. On candlesticks
C. Silver and White on a mirrored tray

5. When I decorate I prefer:
A. Every nook and cranny filled with personal treasures
B. An item in the middle with matching items on either side
C. Very few pieces, but items that make a statement

6. To decorate the staircase, I like to use:
A. Garland laced with candy canes
B. Fresh cut pine tied with ribbons to the posts
C. A potted poinsettia placed on every third step

7. I would love filling:
A. A Basket with Pinecones
B. A Decorative Bowl with Pomegranates and cranberries
C. A clear container filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments

8. To make the atmosphere “scent-sational” I would:
A. Add aroma with flavored candles with scents of pumpkin, cinnamon or gingerbread
B. Tie some sleigh bells to a Christmas wreath and listen for their welcoming jingle
C. Have a background of non-vocal Christmas music

Total A = _______ Total B = ________ Total C =_______

Cozy Chic Design Style Quiz
Where did you score highest?

A = Casual Style
A Casual decorating style is a harmonious mix of furniture, fixtures, colors, textures and treasured accessories that appeal to you.

B = Traditional / Classic Style
A Classic Style is generally formal, sophisticated and timeless. The emphasis is on style and traditional refined elegance

C = Contemporary Style
A contemporary decorating style treats interior spaces almost as three dimensional art, balancing form, shape and texture, while banishing clutter and fussiness.

Combination (Eclectic)
Your decorating style might not fall into one particular area and is a mix of styles. You are one-of-a-kind and so is your decorating style

Need help finding and expressing your style in your home?
Designers Janet Davison and Jen Griswold with Cozy Chic Design can help!
707-447-0977 or 707-455-8265

Moving In, Moving Out....by Janet Davison--Solano County Home Staging and Interior Design

At 5:30 this morning, I was headed out the door to go to the gym when I had to go back into the house and leave my gym bag behind. I had forgotten – Jen and I “de-staged” a property last night and my car was still loaded to the gills with bedding, trays, plants, towels, accessories -- all the tools of our trade.

The best part of "undoing" a home we have staged is seeing the "SOLD" sign! At Cozy Chic, we take pride in knowing we have been instrumental in helping lots of folks realize their goals -- the buyers, the sellers and realtors, to name a few.

Often, the first time we see a home that is placed on the market, the family is just moving out. Sometimes it’s vacant or partially furnished and most of the family’s personal possessions have been packed away.

An empty house is bare and uninviting. Lacking warmth and character, it often seems cold. It becomes a “property”-- a “listing”-- rather than a “home”. Statistics tell us that, without help, only 10% of the population can visualize the potential of a home. Our goal in staging is to help people picture not only living in the home, but also owning it.

When Cozy Chic Design is called in -- we add color, plants, life, furniture, wall art and beauty.
We position the furniture, arrange the accessories and hang the art. These artful touches
help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying living in the home.

“De-staging” –bringing back the empty look -- would be disconcerting except that we know that there will be a family moving in soon. As they bring in their belongings, the house should take on the character and the personality of the new family.

We can help there too! Many people don’t realize that Cozy Chic offers “Move-in Decorating Services”. All the new owners do is unpack! We can position their furniture and find perfect placement for their art and accessories. We can add plants, trees, etc. as needed – and even offer a shopping service for the finishing touches.

What a fun, easy way to turn a new house – into a home.