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Friday, September 4, 2009

Why is Decorating so Important? By Janet Davison

“Why is Decorating so Important?”

“Because it is so much fun!!”
(Maybe that’s why I stage homes and decorate for a living!)

It is true, that when selling a home, staging adds to the appeal in a way that can translate into a quick sale for top dollar. (See the article in this newsletter where one of our staged home sold on the first day!) What most people do not realize, is that staging is the exact opposite of decorating.
¨ Staging de-personalizes the home -- making it possible for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home.
¨ Decorating, on the other hand, is a celebration of you -- the people who live in your home.
We often ask the question, “Does your home speak well of you?”
The decorating in your home should be a reflection of your personality– an extension of who you are. The “reasons” for decorating become more emotional than practical. Your home is the comfort zone for present moment living, but it also holds your family’s memories and aspirations. A recent article from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine stated, “When our home is in order, we feel good about ourselves and our place in the world.” When you better your home, you better your life. Every little improvement counts.
OK, decorating is important. What prevents people from realizing their decorating dreams? Usually three things come into play
*Know how
*Getting started

Cozy Chic Design is here to help you on all 3 counts!
We specialize in Redesign, which is the art of moving and rearranging the furniture and accessories that you already own. While we sometimes add plants and a few accessories, most of what we use is yours already. This gives your home a beautiful look at a conservative price.

Know How – Most people know what they like, they just don’t know how to create the look. That’s OK – we do!

Getting Started – that’s simple. The answer is NOW!
In the fall months, when it starts getting colder outside and darker earlier, friends and family tend to spend more time indoors. Now is a great time to add color to your home in order to make up for the lack of color that is a part of winter.

“Does your home speak well of you?”
If your home is not saying what you want it to… We Can Help!

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