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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Is Your Holiday Design Style?

What is your design style? Contemporary, classic, or casual? This holiday season, let your personal style shine through in your décor. Get inspired by taking our Cozy Chic Design Quiz. Happy Holidays!

What’s your Holiday Style?
Find out with this Cozy Chic Design Quiz

1. I enjoy a gathering of holiday friends:A. Sipping cider around the fireplace
B. Dinner served at the Dining Room Table
C. A buffet of treats on the island in my kitchen

2. My favorite decorating theme would be:
A. Whimsical Collections– Snowmen or Santas
B. Inspirational Items
C. Using accessories that match the color theme of the room

3. Items that could make a statement in my home are my:
A. Handmade treasures from Christmas Past
B. A gorgeous Nativity Set and Manger
C. A Collection of shiny glass orbs of various sizes in a glass container

4. When it comes to candles, I prefer them:

A. Red and Green displayed around the room
B. On candlesticks
C. Silver and White on a mirrored tray

5. When I decorate I prefer:
A. Every nook and cranny filled with personal treasures
B. An item in the middle with matching items on either side
C. Very few pieces, but items that make a statement

6. To decorate the staircase, I like to use:
A. Garland laced with candy canes
B. Fresh cut pine tied with ribbons to the posts
C. A potted poinsettia placed on every third step

7. I would love filling:
A. A Basket with Pinecones
B. A Decorative Bowl with Pomegranates and cranberries
C. A clear container filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments

8. To make the atmosphere “scent-sational” I would:
A. Add aroma with flavored candles with scents of pumpkin, cinnamon or gingerbread
B. Tie some sleigh bells to a Christmas wreath and listen for their welcoming jingle
C. Have a background of non-vocal Christmas music

Total A = _______ Total B = ________ Total C =_______

Cozy Chic Design Style Quiz
Where did you score highest?

A = Casual Style
A Casual decorating style is a harmonious mix of furniture, fixtures, colors, textures and treasured accessories that appeal to you.

B = Traditional / Classic Style
A Classic Style is generally formal, sophisticated and timeless. The emphasis is on style and traditional refined elegance

C = Contemporary Style
A contemporary decorating style treats interior spaces almost as three dimensional art, balancing form, shape and texture, while banishing clutter and fussiness.

Combination (Eclectic)
Your decorating style might not fall into one particular area and is a mix of styles. You are one-of-a-kind and so is your decorating style

Need help finding and expressing your style in your home?
Designers Janet Davison and Jen Griswold with Cozy Chic Design can help!
707-447-0977 or 707-455-8265

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