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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving In, Moving Out....by Janet Davison--Solano County Home Staging and Interior Design

At 5:30 this morning, I was headed out the door to go to the gym when I had to go back into the house and leave my gym bag behind. I had forgotten – Jen and I “de-staged” a property last night and my car was still loaded to the gills with bedding, trays, plants, towels, accessories -- all the tools of our trade.

The best part of "undoing" a home we have staged is seeing the "SOLD" sign! At Cozy Chic, we take pride in knowing we have been instrumental in helping lots of folks realize their goals -- the buyers, the sellers and realtors, to name a few.

Often, the first time we see a home that is placed on the market, the family is just moving out. Sometimes it’s vacant or partially furnished and most of the family’s personal possessions have been packed away.

An empty house is bare and uninviting. Lacking warmth and character, it often seems cold. It becomes a “property”-- a “listing”-- rather than a “home”. Statistics tell us that, without help, only 10% of the population can visualize the potential of a home. Our goal in staging is to help people picture not only living in the home, but also owning it.

When Cozy Chic Design is called in -- we add color, plants, life, furniture, wall art and beauty.
We position the furniture, arrange the accessories and hang the art. These artful touches
help potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying living in the home.

“De-staging” –bringing back the empty look -- would be disconcerting except that we know that there will be a family moving in soon. As they bring in their belongings, the house should take on the character and the personality of the new family.

We can help there too! Many people don’t realize that Cozy Chic offers “Move-in Decorating Services”. All the new owners do is unpack! We can position their furniture and find perfect placement for their art and accessories. We can add plants, trees, etc. as needed – and even offer a shopping service for the finishing touches.

What a fun, easy way to turn a new house – into a home.

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