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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's All in a Name~

We have been called a lot of things in our business! Phone solicitors often ask for "Cozy Chicks!" -- OK, I'll take that. But the worst was, "Is this Cozy Sheets?" No way!! It's Cozy Chic Design!
When Jen Griswold and I began our decorating business in Vacaville, in 2008, we chose this name because that's what people want their homes to be.
Cozy = Snugly, comfortable
Chic = Smart, stylish & elegant
Our focus is to improve clients' lives by making their living spaces beautiful without costing them a lot of money. Our philosophy is that we can stretch decorating dollars by making good use of the furnishings and accessories out clients already own.
We call this Redesign. The process begins with a FREE CONSULTATION which gives us the opportunity to understand our clients' needs and to suggest a plan. Then, starting with their "beloved belongings" we use talent, good decorating techniques and, if necessary, other accessories to create visual harmony.
Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to Cozy-Chic your own home!
Make it Cozy -- De-Clutter
This seems so basic but many people have too many things in too small a space, shelves
clustered with too many trinkets and furniture so big that it interrupts the traffic flow. In
order to have a relaxing, peaceful environment there needs to be some breathing room. A
familiar phrase in the design business is "Less is Best!"
Make it Chic -- Color Your World
Bold colors are in fashion. What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Interesting
architectural features can be emphasized with color. Create a rich impact by using a couple
of hues within the same color pallet and adding an accent wall in a bright contrasting
color. The colors become more vivid when the room is framed with a white ceiling, white
doors, window trim and baseboards.
Make it Cozy -- Create a "flow"
Continuity is initiated when the base color is carried from room to room. This not only
creates a pleasing, comfortable flow but it makes the rooms appear larger. Punctuate the
room with an accent color used a minimum of three times -- in the pillows, rugs, window
treatments or accessories.
Make it Chic -- add rhythm!
Rhythm is created through the repetition of multiple like objects. Create a rich tempo by
using combinations of the accent colors in a variety of patterns -- stripes, plaids, floral and/or
geometric designs.
Actually, our name is really
Cozy Chic Design & Home Staging!
We also stage homes that are going on the market to be sold. The same rules apply. Houses
that are for sale need to be presented as being both cozy and chic! If the home is vacant, we
supply enough items to make it warm and inviting. If it is occupied, we make it appealing through Redesign techniques -- supplementing the homeowner's furnishings when necessary.
If you need decorating help, whether you are going to be living in your home or selling it, we don't care what you call us -- just call us!

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