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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a staple of home decor. In their simplist form, they are handy for applying your makeup in the morning and checking your hair before you leave the house. But in addition, they can have multiple other creative uses.

Mirrors are especially handy in small spaces as they can visually expand the look of a room. In real estate staging, if we want to enhance a small, dark room, our solution always involves using mirrors. The reflective qualities of mirrors will often resemble the light and look of an additional window, adding visual appeal to an area.

Another advantage of using mirrors in our business is that they are a "style neutral" type of wall art that we can use for all types of different clients. One of our most popular ways to use mirrors these days is to create a mirror grid by using multiples of similarly shaped mirrors. This is a wonderfully versatile way to decorate because you can manipulate the grid to create any shape or look you need for walls of all sizes!

Most people shy away from giving wall art as a gift because it is so hard to pick something that the recipient will like. However, mirrors are a wonderful gift because they have so many different uses. For instance, a regular-sized mirror 23" x 26" mirror can not only be used as a wall piece, it can be taken down and used as the base for a beautifully reflective table center-piece. Additionally, there are lots of non-traditional mirrored items on the home decor market these days. You can find mirrored lamps, nightstands, sconces, chandeliers, and many more. So, next time you are in search of the perfect wedding gift, consider a simple mirror. It may be the perfect thing!

Finally, during this extremely beautiful spring season, mirrors are the perfect answer to help bring the outdoors inside. Strategically placing mirrors across from large windows or sliding glass doors reflects the deep green grass and seasonal flowers enlarging the visual field and giving the room a feeling of new life that is only appropriate for springtime.

Mirrors are a wonderful tool. Try thinking outside the box and use your mirrors for more than just putting on your makeup in the morning and find some new creative ways to reflect the beauty of the spring season--you'll be happy you did!

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